Getting Involved

There are two levels of involvement for Write to Win: penpals and collective members.

As a penpal, you will be connected with someone surviving on the inside. The only expectation is that you maintain communication with the person you are writing with. The collective will not monitor your individual correspondence. However, you are encouraged to contact the collective at any time via email with questions, concerns, or for access to resources.

Collective members are responsible for overseeing the general function of the penpal project. All collective members are expected to attend regular collective meetings and to help connect people on the inside with penpals on the outside. Additional responsibilities include paperwork and filing, answering letters on behalf of the collective, managing email/websites, fundraising, popular education, and skill shares.

If you have an interest in being a penpal or collective member, please email us at


3 responses

15 07 2010

please let me know how to become a penpal.

15 07 2010
Emily North

I’m interested in becoming a penpal, if i can’t do that from brooklyn. I couldnt figure out how to on the site, so please email me more info!
Best, Emily

10 06 2011
Gender Behind Bars : Ms Magazine Blog

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