Help Write to Win raise $250 by December 23!

29 11 2011

Dear friends, allies, and comrades near and far,

Since 2009, the Write to Win Collective has been connecting with transgender and gender non-conforming prisoners in Illinois through our volunteer-led penpal project. From Cook County Jail to Tamms Supermax Prison, Write to Win has grown in ways we never imagined. For two years, we have been providing gender-affirming emotional support and friendship; reading material; and political solidarity and advocacy to trans and gender-variant folks on the inside, as well as to those who are returning home from prison.

As a collective, we see individual correspondence with people on the inside as one piece of the larger struggle to abolish the prison industrial complex and to create safe, sustainable, and equitable communities. To this end, we see our work as a way to undermine the isolation, dehumanization, and destruction of the PIC by building grassroots networks of support and solidarity between folks on the inside and folks on the outside.

Write to Win has always relied on community support to keep the project going. Over the years, we have partnered with organizations such as Critical Resistance, Chances Dances, and the Transformative Justice Law Project to raise funds to help pay the cost of office rent, shipping, postage, and other collective expenses. Since our inception, collective members have also been paying large amounts of money out-of-pocket for these costs.

We have recently experienced a dramatic decrease in outside membership, and given the current economic situation, find ourselves unable to meet the costs of maintaining the project. Sadly, we will be moving out of our beloved home of two years to cut these costs. But we still need your help!

This holiday season, please consider making a donation* to Write to Win so we can continue the work we do. Help us reach our goal of raising $250 by December 23. Your donation will help us pay for the last several months of our office rent, and will help us gain the stability to continue operating the project out of a different (free) space. (*Donations are not tax-deductible)

Donations can be made via to (The name on the account is John Thompson and will appear on your transaction receipt.)

Donate $1 or donate $20. Any amount helps. Thank you for your continued love and support!

In struggle,

Write to Win Collective




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