February 13 Penpal Gathering!

3 02 2010
Write to Win Penpal Gathering!
Saturday, February 13th 2010
2040 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL 60647

Come meet all of the other awesome and fierce people who are taking part in this correspondence project that promotes solidarity with transgender, transsexual, gender variant and gender self-determining people in Illinois state prisons.  We are so excited for your interest and involvement with Write to Win and we want you to all meet each other!

We’re planning on having an informational session from 1pm-2pm to explain the basic logistics of correspondence with penpals, talk about the goals of Write to Win, and to try to answer questions that you may have.  Those who are new to Write to Win are encouraged to come.

From 2pm-4pm we’re planning on having a resource/skill share–a general lovefest!  We’re aware that you all bring a whole array of skills and knowledge to Write to Win and we would love for you to share.  Open to those already involved and those new to the project.

There’s a kitchen at the location, so feel free to bring snacks if you want.

Please RSVP us at writetowincollective@gmail.com

Note: The Alternative Media Center, the location where we are hold the event, is not fully accessible–it requires climbing stairs.  Please let us know if you are not able to attend, because of accesbility.




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